Emily Kanally - Volunteer Center Manager

I’ve always had a passion for food and feeding people, and I wanted to turn that passion into a career. I grew up in a lower income community and my family did not always have a lot of money to spend on food. We supplemented our food budget with produce from our garden and a few trips to our local food bank. I’ve seen many people in my life struggle for different reasons, and I feel it’s my responsibility to serve others in any way I can.

My first experience with Second Harvest was as a volunteer. I knew it would be a great place to work because I’d spent time there with staff and fellow volunteers. Having seen the mass amount of food waste that takes place on a daily basis while working as a chef in Seattle, I was compelled to help be a part of the solution. I would like to help show people that healthy eating is possible, even on a low budget. Many people in the Spokane area need a bit of extra help, and that help begins with me. 

Conor Ellert - Volunteer Center Coordinator

I’m a recent graduate of the University of Montana’s Environmental Studies and Sustainable Business program, and have been heavily involved in a number of volunteer-centered organizations, such as the Sierra Club and the Missoula Urban Demonstration Project (MUD). While I led various volunteer events for MUD, I discovered my real passion was working with people to help make a difference in the community.

Second Harvest’s commitment to the Spokane community, as well as their increasingly apparent connection to sustainability and food sovereignty, is what made me excited to work here and make a difference in the lives of people who need it most.  As the wealth gap in our country continues to grow, and the need for more access to fresh, healthy food has grown with it, Second Harvest’s work will become even more crucial.

Jill Wilson - Volunteer and Events Coordinator

Jill  joined Second Harvest in 2014 as a volunteer and events coordinator, after working 20 years in the hospitality industry. Jill was raised in Montana and moved to Spokane in 1990. “I enjoy helping others and Spokane has given me so many different avenues to make a difference, especially since joining the Second Harvest team,” she said. “I’m proud to say I work with Second Harvest and our incredibly generous volunteers and donors.”