Second Harvest partners with schools and community partners for Bite2Go to get weekend food supplies to children in need during the school year. The Bite2Go kits include a good mix of healthy, kid-friendly, easy-to-open, single-serving, nonperishable food items to cover four meals and three snacks over the weekend. The shelf-stable milk, juice, cereal, entrees and snacks are safe for children to handle on their own because they don’t require any cooking or other preparation. Every Friday, staff members at participating schools put the packages of food discreetly in the backpacks of students in need.

For more information contact Chris Sloan at 252-6283 or

In Tri-Cities and Yakima Valley contact Michele Roth at 545-0787 or For information on the Tri-Cities No Hungry Children project click here.

Click here to make a donation to schools in your area.